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This is Shakti the Life Dancer as colored by artist/tarotist Robyn Hollister. It is part of a group project to color the entire Daughters of the Moon tarot deck. Go see it at Daughters of the Moon Tarot Project .

Hello. I'm Asradel, witch, writer, tarot reader, wife, mother, computer nerd. Welcome to my site. I hope you can hang out here a while, and that while you're here, you find something of interest. The main site map is called the Cathedral, and it is updated to follow the rhythms of the Wiccan celebratory year. You can get there by clicking on the image to your left.

You can also navigate to many of the sub-pages from this page. Start off with the new stuff just below. Bright Blessings! Az


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de Glenn Tarot Deck!

Wooo Hooo! My very talented friend, Holly Glenn, has begun work on her own tarot deck. It is cooler than cool. Her work is wonderfully fresh and unique. Check it out. You'll be glad you did!

Daughters of the Moon Tarot Coloring Project

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Me and my cards at the Convent in March
The door to my room at Rosary Heights

These are all works of original fiction by Asradel.

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